Taxonomy Tango

Coleus..some are Solenostemon, and apparently some are Plectranthus. I can't keep up.


  1. Darned taxonomists! GRRR! Next we'll have to forget botanical Latin and stick with common names because they're more stable.

  2. Whatever it's called, it sure is a pretty one!

  3. Taxonomists and botanists keep changing their minds!

  4. And then there's the Perilla, another coleus cousin and imitator! I agree with OutlawGardener - the frequent reclassifications make one question the value of botanical Latin. I love that - whatever it is - you pictured above anyway!

  5. I think there should be a 10 year moratorium on examining plant DNA that leads to reclassification. By then gardeners should be able to learn what has already been changed and all of the books can be updated. I am trying to put together a fall gardening class for a garden club, and when I got to the Asters, my head was spinning from all the changes. I've decided to list them as "plants once known as asters".


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