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 Though I was in Maine for just a little over 24 hours during my mid-August visit, I managed to to bring home several hundred photos on my memory card. This was my second visit to The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden , and I was prepared with extra batteries, extra sd cards, and comfortable shoes. Read my post about the Childrens Garden here, and a brief recap of my previous trip to Maine here.

All the hardscaping is beautifully done here, and the stroller is led effortlessly around ponds , over bridges, with a different view from each of the discretely suggested pausing spots.

 On my last visit, these planted walls sported coleus as I recall. Loved this Thyme cluster.

The summer perennial borders were fabulous; I'm helpless when confronted with these wide swathes of color and texture. 

 The vegetable garden area was in full summer chaos.. with ornamentals tucked in for emphasis.

More to come from this outstanding garden..


  1. I love that first picture! That's it-I'm planning a weekend in Boothbay next year.

  2. Yowsa! You got some great shots of a gorgeous garden! Thanks for letting me tag along!

    1. It's about time for you PNW garden bloggers to do a New England trip !

  3. I will have to make a point of stopping there's gorgeous!

    1. See my response to Peter above ! I'd love to see this garden in fall too, I bet it's spectacular.

  4. Replies
    1. Can you imagine a garden that looks that good in August Kris ? Of course the trade off is the painfully short growing season.


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