Visiting Little and Lewis

  The first chapter of  George Little and David Lewis's iconic book "A Garden Gallery" is titled 'Gardening from Within'  -such a simple phrase but infused with the truth of what gardening truly is for many of us. Visceral , and from the gut, bathed in emotion. Joy, frustration, serenity , anger, fatigue-it's all there. My friends and I entered the gate of the Little and Lewis garden on Bainbridge Island and stepped into an intimate world of plants, art and water created by these 2 artists , drenched in atmospere , the canvas for their art. The artists eye and intuition is a wonderful gift when making a garden.

 The water features they have created are here are quite lovely, and they were kind enough to explain the how-to  of a few of them, including their wintering over strategies. This serene moss-infused number started it's life as a humble galvanized stock tank.

Simple but beautiful .

The rain tree !

Signature concrete columns create unique architecture. And the colors !

Cast leaves play nicely with the Hostas.

Lush garden view

Unfortunately , I didn't come back with a single picture of the many chickens do you know that have coops decorated with Little and Lewis art ?

 Open by appointment, a must see garden if you are in the area. And did I mention, what charming warm and friendly gardeners these two men are ?

  Read more at their website  here.


  1. So great to read their book on the plane home after having met them and seen the garden. What generous, talented men they are. Great post, Kathy.

    1. I usually read the Economist or the Atlantic on planes.You have the right idea.! I reread this book at least once a year, usually in the dead of's and annual event along with Auntie Mame and Shocking Beauty.

  2. Little and Lewis was one of my favorite IU9 visits. Every little detail in their garden was so perfectly executed. George and David were so generous with their time. I didn't get any good shots of the chickens either but have me Little & Lewis chicken creation instead.

    1. Such sweet men weren't they? And it was so tantalizing when George mentioned the 'back garden' ! One can only imagine..

  3. What a fabulous and interesting garden. Green with envy here.

  4. An absolutely beautiful garden, full of character and one that we would definitely love to visit given the chance. The planting combinations are superb. I love it!!

  5. You are killing me Kathy! Fabulous post from a wonderful, inspirational garden.


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