In The Rear View Mirror

Looking many garden visits in 2011. Looking forward, I have plans for many more in 2012. The decisions are hard to make... San Diego ? Arizona? Florida? All are on the table. So, here is the first of a few retrospectives .
I was sure surprised by Buffalo.  My friend Cindy and I ventured into the rural areas south of the city to see gardens that were open prior to GardenWalk . 

So many Daylilies--everywhere we went, in full bloom, and colors that just don't happen out here. In this garden the owners confessed to spending many hours per week deadheading..they are of course retired.

My Echinaceas never look like this. Whatever.

If you grow Dayliles you have to be prepared for unexpected color combinations.

This garden was growing Daylilies commercially, but there was alot of other stuff going on.

So east coast..


  1. What happy gardens. And look at that sky portending more rain. Must have been a hoot touring with Cindy.

  2. Just loved this post. I have become a real daylily addict and have had such pleasure from mine over the past couple of seasons. They are still relatively young so I get excited if I have more than 3 blooms out on the one clump at a time. Also loved the combination with echinacea, especially the double pink in the foreground. We don't see much of that locally, but I am very tempted to try my luck from seed and see how they go.


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