Annies in The Rear View Mirror.

   I only visited Annies twice in 2011, really poor planning on my part. There is an unfortunate financial issue involved when I enter those gates, and I have learned to set a budget. I was under both times..but under what ? 100 dollar budget with ten percent fudge factor. Next year I'll just be honest with myself and set the budget at 110. Cheaper than a ball game, and I come home with plants, and photos.

All appendages crossed that my Angelica will re-seed. 

I'm partial to fuzzy grey plants. Too bad I haven't a clue what this one is. Gotta be a Salvia ?

 If I drive to Annies on a weekend morning , I can be there in 30 minutes, 40 if I miss the lights in Napa. And yet the climate is completely different. Everything grows, all day long. No heat waves, no frost.


  1. The gray plant is a Sideritis orotenerife. I got mine at Annie's

  2. Budget schmudget! Visiting Annie's is a religious experience. I have been known to fall on my knees before the rare plants section and start speaking in tongues. Hence, any money spent is a kind of tithe, and I... er... don't keep track. Maybe that's why I'm poor.

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I love the colour and texture mix in each photo. I had my own budget blowout on the weekend, ordering flower seeds online. I have space for about 10 annuals in my front garden. I bought 15 packets of seeds - 5 of cosmos alone - all containing about 200 seeds. By my reckoning I should have enough for a couple of hundred years. It' probably a good thing Annies is the other side of the world!

  4. Dustin beat me on the sideritis ID. And love those purple-leaved Yuccas aloifolia purpurea. I saved seed from that angelica in July and it has been germinating nicely -- about 3 plants so far.

  5. I will cross some appendages for your Angelica reseeding as well. What a beauty!

  6. Annie's is yet another reason for me to be jealous of gardeners who live on the other coast.

  7. Fortunately, I haven't yet gone there in person, otherwise I am sure I would go over the budget too - I have quite a few of their plants bought at local nurseries. My latest one was geranium maderense "Ginormous geranium". It is a very unusual plant :). Thank you for the lovely pictures.


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