Connecticut Rear View

 New England is humid, warm and lush in summertime. I compare it to Hawaii , without the tradewinds or palms.  Last summer I payed a visit to my friends Les and Monique's garden in Connecticut..and such a garden ! Their lot size can only be dreamed of here in suburban California. Trees, shrubs , grasses and perennials are combined artfully with a tasteful selections of objects that enhance the color combinations of each vignette.The food is exceptional there too by the way. They can cook !


  1. I love the colour combinations, both foliage and flowers. I don't know the names of most of the plants, but my favourite combinations are the orange canna/ amaranth(?)/pink arbour, and the almost-black leaves with the golden flowers (dahlia and fennel?).

  2. What a year-end treat to see L&M's amazing garden. So glad you got to visit and brought your camera. Happy new year!


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