October Bloom Day

Here in northern California, the temperatures of October can be some of the nicest of the year, and the slanty fall sunlight creates a pleasant glow in the garden. This same slant also plunges wide swaths of my garden into shadows, and mildew follows without fail. At least the disfiguring disease forces my hand for garden clean up. The dahlia foliage look dreadful, but there are still a few flowers soldiering on,  providing me with something to put in a vase.

 The roses look more respectable now that blackspot is only a memory..this is Fair Bianca, a scrawny bush, but earns it's keep with these flowers .

Phygelius, kept under semi-control by diligent shoot-pulling. 

Love my Chasmanthium.

Quality time will be spent this evening perusing other entries over yonder at  May Dreams Gardens where Carol lets us come and play every month.


  1. Dahlias have been my favorite to drool over on Bloom Day blogs. They are not happy here. I'm glad to see the blooms of others. Yours are beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing some very nice pictures. I have red dahlias still in bloom here in upstate NY; for some reason I didn't take any pictures. Enjoy your nice weather-I'm envious.

  3. Beautiful blooms and your photography, particulary the rose and the dahlias is fantastic.


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