Update on the Back Corner and a New Project

 Way back in March (you know, when it was Spring !) I posted about my renovation of the sadly neglected northwest corner of my garden. Though the transformation is not complete it looks improved and the plants are starting to fill in.

 Here it is in April, after the new plants were installed. Looking pretty sparse...

Lobelia tupa is somewhat discernible in the center of the photo next to the soaker hose , and the trellis is the new home for Passiflora loefgrenii caerulea.

 And taken last week, the Passiflora has made a statement..I'm keeping an eye on it. Lobelia tupa has achieved knee-high status. A couple moves still to be made here over fall and winter; Sanquisorba officinalis 'Red Thunder'(out of the photo) is too close to the Weigela and was shaded in summer. It will go where the Penstemon 'Raven' lives on the lower right, and the Penstemon will be moved to the left.

 This infrastructure issue is unfortunately calling the shots in the bed  have always referred to as the Rose Garden.  The roses are mostly gone, but the design needs to be punched up.

I just don't see anything dynamic here. I've been staring at this all summer with dissatisfaction and a dry rot timber does nothing to improve the view. As a result I drew up a plan which I hope to execute over the next few months.

 The 'Goodwin Creek' Lavender  mid left is the only relief from a palette of plain mid green. The Yucca 'Color Guard' in  the container was too small this season to make a statement.

  Calamagrostis 'Overdam' did not bloom this year. Mystifying. Non-bloom added to the overall blah effect. There are two Overdams here, they will both be dug up this fall and replaced with Panicum 'Heavy Metal'.

 On the lower left is Overdam #2. Salvia 'Wendys Wish' is a bright spot. At the base of the fountain is one of two fancy-schmancy tetraploid Daylilies that need to be sited elsewhere.

    A year from now I hope to see a completely different scene.


  1. Landscaping projects can be a matter of one step forward followed by a half-step back, can't they? Still, Kathy, your garden looks as though it's progressing nicely - I can only wish that portions of my garden looked nearly as good. I've all sorts of large "vacancies" at the moment, some due to plant deaths or declines during the long, hot, dry summer and others attributable to my lawn removal project. I'm mulling over plant prospects but a vision has yet to come together.

    1. I have more vacancies now-I dug up one of the 'Overdam's last weekend , and two of the daylilies. I think I have a plan !

  2. The Salvia ('Wendy's Wish') is a bright spot in this bed.
    I added Lobelia tupa this year and it responded less than a month later by kicking the bucket. What's a gardener to do?

  3. Kris said it very well. Progress is not a straight line. I know it all too well. But you have great ideas and I have no doubt things will look very different in a year.

    BTW, I once had an 'Overdam' that never flowered and I removed it.


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