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 My brief trip out to our coast in October included a stroll to the Pt Cabrillo lighthouse station . Multiple shipwrecks on this rocky and turbulent shore in the early days of logging  the redwood forests above the headlands led to the construction of the light station in 1908. The visitor parks in a lot just off the highway, and walks the 1/2 mile paved road that slopes gently down through the grassy headland to the cliffs. Sadly, I can't name the grasses and sedges that grow here in spite of frequent visits and have vowed to learn before my next trip out.

 The view down the road  walking in.

As I look on either side of the road  bands of color range from greens to greys to golden brown.

At the lighthouse , small but powerful.

Amaryllis belladona has natualized in places here in Mendocino County.

View from the cliffs

The lighthouse keepers cottages have been restored and are available as vacation rentals.

A last look towards the sea as I head back to the parking area.

 Though we love our cultivated gardens,there are design lessons that nature provides . The simplicity of these views can be soothing -nothing here that is hectic or over-stimulating. The constant background sound of the surf , the breezes rustling the grasses and the sounds of the sea birds all have a  strong component of tranquility.


  1. I remember the big grassy field when I visited. The golden grass and dark green of the conifers is a beautiful pairing.

    1. Sometimes the natural design is the best design..

  2. Beautiful photos, Kathy. Those ocean shots are picture postcard perfect. As I look at my newly torn up garden trying to figure out what I should do now, the idea of planting it all in native grasses and being done with the dithering has a certain appeal.

    1. I dither too Kris, but ultimately you will prevail !

  3. Hi there, I am so happy that I found another California garden blogger (I live and garden in San Diego, Southern California and blog about my garden there), I immediately had to become your follower :-).
    The small lighthouse is indeed quite charming and I loved the coastal view photos. You got some gorgeous shots there!
    Your post made we want to spent some days further North in California. I haven't been in that area for ages!
    Looking forward to your next posts!
    Warm regards,

  4. Hi Christina, thanks for visiting. I am a former San Diegan and an LA native. I'm also happy to find another California garden blogger ! SD is where I cut my gardening teeth , many years ago.

  5. One more reason to love California! Great pictures and design lessons to be learned!


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