Springy Bloom Day...March 2014

I enjoy March in  my garden; it seems like something new happens almost every day.Business trips, rain, and a collapsed fence have kept me so occupied in the last few weeks , I think this mornings bloom day camera stroll was the first opportunity I had in a while to slow down and 'see' what the garden was showing me. The long awaited rain followed by warm temperatures nearing 70 was just what those resting plants needed to wake up .Unfortunately the weeds woke up too.

This tulip is 'Big Smile' , and unlike most of it's kinfolk, this is the third year it has returned for me , with just as much size and vigor as the first. 

This ornamental Oxalis continues to tough it out in a bad location beneath a birch tree that likes to suck up all available water.

Silene dioica

My beloved Erysimum ..variegated with yellow blooms.

Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

The green section !

 Euphorbias in bloom everywhere..this one is 'Blackbird'..

White Swan...

And here we have Anthriscus 'Ravenswing' , which despite warnings has never seeded itself here.

 Be sure to visit May Dreams to check out bloomers across the world...


  1. I'm exceedingly impressed by your returning tulips and that variegated, yellow-flowered Erysimum! Even my pre-sprouted tulip only last 3 days after buffeting by our Santa Ana winds. Happy GBBD!

  2. I love Euphorbia green as well and have slowly added more each year.

  3. Sure-rub it in. No Bloom Day here this month. Pffffttt to Mother Nature.

  4. Your post just showed up in my reader, 2 days late! Love that sunshiny tulip but most of all your new header photo, gorgeous.


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