My Favorite Plant in the Garden ...This Week

 Tuecrium crispum has made the cut this week. This plant is easily overlooked , nothing flashy at all. Grows close to the ground and just does it's job asking very little in return. It's job here is to live under a Crepe Myrtle on the hell strip and provide some sort of greenery in dry shade. This week I was weeding said hell strip, which involved sitting on the ground right there where Mr T. Crispum lives. Look how cute his foliage is !

 Summer flowers on this Teucrium are white, and really pretty insignificant. It sailed through the 20 degree mania we had last winter , sailed through both summer and winter drought, and spreads politely to about a 2x2 carpet .

Swing on over to the Danger Garden to check out more faves !


  1. I love those bright green crinkly leaves! Good choice for favorite plant.

  2. Close up like that really highlights the interesting foliage!

  3. Love that foliage, like curly parsley only way prettier.

  4. The leaf close-up picture reminds me a lot of the Kalanchoe succulent 'Mother of Thousands.'


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