Joining In: My favorite Plant in The Garden This Week

 Celebrating the return of my camera from the the hospital , and jumping on board with Loree ... I do love her fave plant posts and what a great way to ensure weekly blogging. Win-win !

 I am thrilled with the Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Rosea' , purchased last year from Digging Dog on our Mendocino Coast. These large imposing Persicarias are not seen much around here, and I was triumphant to find this one when I visited the nursery last summer. It's comforting to have something that isn't bloomed out and flopping in the garden this time of year.

 The foliage can get a tad ratty late in the season, but looks great right now, and after the ratty period, (which mostly involves the leaves near ground level) I get some nice fall color.

Pleasantly architectural.


  1. Yep that's a god one, I'd gladly devote a chunk of garden real estate to that Persicaria!

    1. Make that a "good" one. I have no clue about it's religious affiliations.

  2. What an interesting Persicaria, with the red edge on that clasping leaf. Great flowers too, and your big clump has lots of presence.

  3. That's a nice clump there, and it'll even get better every year!

  4. I hear you on the lower ratty leaves, but how it holds on all summer to do what it does late summer in my garden is still a mystery.


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