Mysterious Veronica

 This Veronica spicata cultivar was acquired from a local garden center back in the late 80's. This seems like a long time children were actual children-not adults, and we lived in the house next door . We had different cats ,different cars, and no computer.The importance of keeping plant tags was not ingrained as it is now. When we moved one house over , I dug up some stuff and brought it along, this Veronica was one of the move-ees.It has been moved around my garden here at least 4 times that I can recall . I've never seen this plant since in any garden center, or in any garden. No luck on the internet and no luck in any of the garden books I own. Is it even Veronica spicata ? Who knows. Maybe you do? Silver foliage, blooms spring to late spring, no rebloom. Height in bloom about 12" to 18". Modestly spreading .


  1. That's a beauty Kathy and I can see why you've kept it all these years but I have no clue as to what it is.


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