Pre Garden Tour pit-stop

Point Arena juts out into the pacific, just north of the town that is it's namesake, and to the south of Manchester State Beach. The features of the coastline here are particularly beautiful, and I am resolved to return in the fall when I will have the time to take it in and photograph it at my leisure.This past Saturday I was on my way to the first garden of the day on the Garden Conservancies Mendocino County Open Days, and turned off the highway here briefly .

 The Point Arena Lighthouse was originally built in 1870, and was damaged beyond the ability to repair in the 1906 earthquake. This 'new' structure replaced it in 1908.

Wildflowers have to be pretty tough to withstand the inhospitable climate here..they showed off for me nicely on this sunny morning.

Standing guard on the Pacific.


  1. Lovely spot, beautiful Photos. Nature certainly designs perfect landscapes.

  2. Gorgeous, love the wildflowers. They look like a beautiful Oriental carpet.

  3. The norCal coast has got to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet, IMO. That night we spent in Mendocino during IU7 was the highlight of the trip for me.


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