Sierra Azul

I drove from Santa Cruz to Watsonville early on a Sunday morning. Watonsville is an artichoke-strawberry-asparagus agriculture belt inland from Monterey Bay; though I was dismayed to see how many housing tracts had popped up between the fields since I last traveled highway 152. My destination was Sierra Azul Nursery, which google had promised would furnish me with a 2 acre display garden. I am happy to report that there is in fact a display garden, and a sculpture garden at that. It looked pretty dandy for a winter garden , and judging from the plant palette I would guess late summer/fall would be pretty spectacular here.

Ooo-la-la , the restios.

Could this possibly be Gumby ???

Wingspan much larger than it looks


  1. Interesting garden, I have not heard of it before... Was there something good to buy at the nursery?


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