The Euphorbias started blooming when days were short and dreary. In the dead of winter the little droop of the forming flower buds and bracts provides one of the few notes of interest-something to look at on grey days. I lost the fabulous Tasmanian Tiger last year , for reasons that still remain mysterious. Sometimes Euphorbias just up and die . Ascot Rainbow is reliably  short lived, E. cotinifolia bit the dust when the temperatures hit the 20's , Portuguese Velvet struggled and expired in high summer. On the other hand , I continue to dig up E. robbiae long after the mother plant was chucked.

 The basic  E. wulfenii , seedlings that wafted over the fence from a neighboring yard.

Jade Dragon

E. myrsinites


Ascot Rainbow


  1. I need more Euphorbias. I especially want to retry Wolfenii, which usually peters out on me after a year or two.


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