Middle Of The Road

 The imaginary friends and I met in Buffalo this year  (see some background here: GardenRant) We decided it was time we give Garden Walk a try, so into western New York we came, from California,  Ohio, Mass, New Hampshire, Virginia and Connecticut. Even though we toured steadily for two days , we missed whole neighborhoods. The sheer volume of gardens was staggering, and the bonus was the splendid architecture -block after block, mile after mile. Thumbs up Buffalo.

 One of the really intriguing neighborhoods was along Dorchester Avenue where my friends and I dropped our jaws and strolled along the street oogleing the median strip for 2 long blocks, cameras on overload , wondering if the city did this, and if not..who ? At the end of the line, where Dorchester met Bidwell Parkway, we saw a lady with her hose dragged across the street , watering the plantings. Remarkably, she told us that the individual homeowners were  responsible, they water, they plant, they maintain. Oh yeah, there are a few who don't pull their weight - but wow. For those that do , we thank you .


  1. Seriously!? Most of the folks around here can't even by bothered to plant and maintain their own yards...

  2. I'm with danger garden on her comment!! I want to move there right now!!!

  3. Wow indeed! Gorgeous plantings. Thank you for the tour, it looks like you had a good time.

  4. How lovely! Your great photos make me sad that I missed the trip.


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