Oregon Clematis Land

 Just adjacent to the tony enclave of Lake Oswego springs up the pastoral landscapes of West Linn, and there  the Luscher Farm houses the Rogerson Clematis Collection. This garden was charming , and brimming with promise; many areas were newly planted. I look forward to visiting again next year. Bad blogger dislaimer..didn't write down a single name.


  1. I guess I am an even worse blogger as I live so close but have neve visited...

  2. Well, I can ID my favorite. Second from the bottom, 'My Angel,' rusty brown rimmed in yellow. And isn't that doubly one called 'Josephine'? What a treat to be up in clematis country!

  3. Ahh Loree, you can be forgiven, this is not a danger garden ..only spiky things are rose thorns!

    Denise, as usual, I wrote down no names.I really need to carry a notebook like you do.

    ..and thanks Laguna !

  4. For photos that beautiful, names are unnecessary.


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