I needed this Clematis after seeing it in a friends garden in New Hampshire and a Clematis collectors' garden in New York.  I always worry a bit about installing a plant I've seen in New England-will it be an exercise in futility ? God knows I've had plenty of failures with plants commonly grown right here in Northern California. You will see photos of Arabella that look quite blue , and they aren't entirely bogus (for a change) as her color moderates with temperature , maturity of flower and sun exposure. She has in fact been blue here in my garden, but  more often the violet-ish shade you see in this photo. Arabella is small of stature, growing to 6 feet or so, and does not cling. And does she bloom ? Without question the longest blooming Clematis in my garden. I am very likely to still have flowers in August.
  I purchased her from the excellent Joy Creek Nursery via mail order.


  1. Every time I think about buying her she's out of stock. I guess I'll have to think again!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation. I need to look it up. Do you grow Etoile Violette? It looks a lot like it, maybe a bit bluer...

  3. Bet Arabella loved all that rain you've had this year. What a great clem.

  4. That's beautiful. I love the long fringy anthers. I have not tried that one. My best ones here are Perle d'Azur, Wisley. I will look for 'Arabella'.


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