Kendall Jackson

Nice wine, attractive tasting room, friendly staff.. but I gravitate out to the garden. This was my 3rd visit this year, and I loved the bittersweet beauty of the decay - the annual flowers and vegetables were being allowed to go out gracefully in-situ, waving their hankies as they decline; the horticultural manifestation of  Blanche Du Bois.  The grasses, salvias  and sub-tropicals were robust- at peak performance, a full month before the first killing frost.

I liked the banana -grapevine combo. Not something I would have thought of, but very medit-centric I think.

Coolness- fall Salvias , a bit of the foliage action, and the grasses steal the scene.


  1. It looks tropical from my point of view! Things are caged and mounded here. It is blustery and wet and there's ice in the rain barrels. Lucky you!

  2. I had ice in the bird baths this morning Marie! My wimpy version of winter...


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