The cycle this fall: warmth, frost , rain , (again) warmth, frost, rain ..and so on. Today is rain, and on it goes til mid-week. The Dahlias look horrid , but soldier-on, the frosts have been light and  spared all but the wimpiest specimens. I move plants inside, and then back out.

 Daylily scapes at Thanksgiving ? 3 are blooming, one of the deciduous models is pumping up  spring growth in the midst of the  dying foliage of 2010.

 The Fuchsias bloom away. I wish it would stop raining so I could go out and look at them. They never look this good in August.

Nicotiana undaunted, with a blur of Lavender in the background.

 All Oreganos (and there are many) think it's summer.

Aha ! Now here finally is a typical Norcal late fall-winter scene.Please disregard the dandelion. They too are confused.


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