Peeking Over Fences.

 A foggy Sunday morning is a good time to take a stroll around the north coast village of Mendocino in search of gardens . The tide was out in the estuary and the ocean could not be heard or seen. This is not an easy place to's isolated , jobs are few and far between , winter clothes never get packed away , and there are logistical problems for those prone to car sickness. Tough all these out, and you will find yourself in place of extraordinary natural beauty , where most of your neighbors have gardens.In fact, most of your neighbors will either be a B&B or a vacation rental.  The only industry is tourism, thus we see a walkable town of charming cottages with gardens in the front, the back and in the alley. It sits perched on the headlands above some of the most stunning coastline in the west. I recommend breakfast at the Bayview Cafe , Irish Coffee at the Mendocino Hotel, and a visit to Gallery Books. Just make sure you bring a sweatshirt.


  1. Is this where you live ks? Beautiful but I must say you don't paint a very easy picture. Oh and that Echium peeking over the fence in the 12th picture...AMAZING!

  2. I'm guessing that same mist that grows the redwoods into giants accounts for such an amazing floraissance (is that a word?) Color really sings in that light.

  3. Beautiful fog photos! Our winter clothes get worn all summer too :) At least we've been seeing more sun these days. August was brutally foggy.

  4. Loree,I visit often , but no-I am a wine-valley dweller. I don't like heat much but the average temp year round is 60 there ..I prefer 70! The road trip is scenic , 3 hours and goes through the coastal belt of redwoods..a good weekend gig .

    Megan, I have to say we had had fog here in the North Bay way beyond the typical June thing. I loved it !

    Denise, of course floraissance is a word. In fact almost anything that starts with 'Flora' is a word in my book.

  5. Lovely pictures! The blue on the first pic is gorgeous!


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