Kalanchoe Mamorata

 Modest in size and trapped in a pot that can be easily moved to a coffee table for the winter with it's genus-mates , Kalanchoe mamorata  'Pen Wiper' is one of the favorites here, and the impetus to create   a winter-succulent hotel that will allow bigger pots, bigger plants. Always tempting in zone 9 to push your luck -some years just moving these dudes under the eaves for the winter will suffice. But 'Pen Wiper' is never allowed to participate in  risky behavior .This summer he hangs out with his brethren K. 'Flapjacks' and the pricey mail-order Coleus, 'Blairs Witch'. They all play nicely together.


  1. This succulent came and went in my garden without me ever knowing its name. I seem to remember it has some fanciful bloom too. And 'Pen Wiper' just cracks me up!


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