Here and There in Chicago

 My first visit to Chicago was in 1988, business related and when there was free time it was spent gawking at the stunning architecture and eating really outstanding steaks. For many years I went once or twice a year, and continued to gawk and consume beef. The Art Institute was a frequent destination, as was the cocktail lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building for a couple of 10 dollar drinks -well worth it for the spectacular views.    At some point , a plant related transformation took place in this already beautiful city , and now when I go the camera comes with me. This past Friday I put off  business for a spell and walked several blocks in the stifling heat and humidity (7:30am mind you ) to the Lurie Garden. Only steps from the cacophony of rush hour Michigan Avenue , the city noise mysteriously falls away and the sounds of bees, crickets , birds and insects that have probably never set a wing in California bring this wonderfully designed prairie and marsh inspired garden to life .

 The garden was designed by Piet Oudolf and Robert Israel , and completed in 2004.

Lots of stuff going on outside the walls at The Art Institute as well, the building is flanked on either side by wonderful leisure gardens for the public to enjoy, and the containers are way way cool.

And how about the median strip down Michigan Ave ? Stella d' Oro be gone !

A modest little planting at Grant Park- one of many.


  1. Wow. I envy you your midwest business trips. I may finally get to NYC and the BBG/Wavehill this October. I'm way behind you in US garden travel.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    That Lurie garden is amazing. I love Piet Oudolf's sense of a meadow in the city. How refreshing and how beautifully realized in mid-summer six years later.
    Since you're well-traveled, do you know of any wonderful gardens I should see in NYC in late September? I can't seem to find anything except the High Line Park. Thanks for any suggestions!

  3. And thanks to you MulchMaid ! You must see Wave Hill in the Bronx and the new York Botanical Garden in Brooklyn...I loved them both ..


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