Open Day Marin

 The garden elitist within has broken free . The accumulated visits to gardens that are creative , beautifully designed, sometimes downright astonishing, jades the view of these very pretty but somewhat mundane venues. 10 years ago these may have thrilled, and sent me home with a laundry list of ideas to try in  my own modest garden, but instead it was a pleasant day in a scenic and well-heeled enclave of Northern California where the only 'wow' moments were the views from 2 of the gardens, and the lovely Victorian home that anchored another.

A bit of whimsy in a garden with an enviable location on Belvedere Lagoon.

I'm a sucker for Papyrus.

Wow vistas.

A lovely clump of foxgloves and Delphs, though obviously planted from 1 gallon nursery containers very recently.That Berberis looks hot off the presses too. Did I say elitist ? Maybe snarky is a better term.

Here was a favorite , a  charming little greenhouse packed with interest ..perhaps a real gardener lived here ?

 I salute the Garden Conservancy and their quest to preserve and raise awareness of beautiful gardens everywhere . And further, the garden owners who generously allow the public to schelpp through their private spaces ..even snobs like me.


  1. Without criticism, nothing is learned, and if nothing else an uninspiring garden hones one's sense of what IS inspiring. And maybe the GC will get some feedback from this tour and choose different gardens for next year's open days. But in any case, your photos are smashing, Kathy!

  2. I love a snarky post every now and then!


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