Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines !

Behold the trusty broom, the latest in a long line of similar models . Inexpensive, uses little storage space, requires no petroleum products and is easy to start. This may be one of few in the neighborhood, as the preference seems to be the power blower . No argument here with the professional mower-blower dude, whose revenue stream depends on multiple jobs a day , and for whom the leisurely pace of manual sweeping is impractical.
 Some homeowners though prefer the do-it-yourself approach , wielding several pieces of gasoline power equipment to tame their postage stamp sized lawns and yards . I watched dumbfounded from my front porch bench as  two small Loropetalums were subdued into even smaller  cubes with a very loud gas hedger. This took a remarkably long time,particularly for a result that was not remotely attractive.  I have no doubt that I could have done the same thing in  about 5 minutes with my Corona hedge shears. At least the perpetrator was wearing hearing protection. I however, was not.
 Ok, I feel better now.


  1. The broom is trusty indeed and one of the few mundane chores that I really like to do. But every year when the jacaranda petals fall, I fantasize about buying some vacuum/blower thingy to blow off the accumulated masses of dead petals off succulents and agaves...and then I get over it!


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