Bloomday Caboose-April 2020

 I must say I have never spent so much time in my garden in spring as I have this year. I am one of the lucky ones who can work from home. I have a salary and a job. My workstation is set up on my dining room table with windows to the garden on two sides. I go to work in my gardening clothes and I pull weeds and deadhead on my lunch hour.No one can see my dirty fingernails. I see everything that happens in my garden every day and sometimes every hour-spring is like that.  No spring road trip this year, no garden touring, no nursery crawls-thus the mail order has been robust. In fact a nursery crawl will be my 1st post-quarantine activity.

 It was windy when I took my photos so I couldn't use all of them. So much is in bloom. And we got some rain this month-enough that I only have to water containers and the newly planted.

 Clematis Arabella  -a first-rate non-twiner that blooms all summer.

 This is no ID -One of two I purchased when the legendary Chalk Hill closed. The blooms on this are very large -lunch plate size !

 Brass Band - no rust, no blackspot.

 Cistus 'Mickie' . 

Euphorbia 'Silver Swan' . I'm down to one of these -Euphorbias only last a few years for me before they crap out. I'll be getting another when I'm out of lockdown. This has been the best of the whites for me . 'Tasmanian Tiger' only lasted 2 years  and I think about the same for  'Glacier Blue' . Silver Swan is going on 5.

 The Heuchera-Heucherella-Tiarella area is in great form. The blooms here are from Tiarella 'Sylvan Lace'.

Fuchsia genii 'aurea' . In my experience this Fuchsia withstands heat well.

 Cenolophium denudatum

Variegated Weigela

 The flowers are not the main show here. This is Pelargonium 'Attar of Roses' , one of many scented geraniums I have collected over the years and by far the most vigorous.

 Geum 'Totally Tangerine'

Noid bearded iris.

 Garden Bloggers Bloomday is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens on the 15th of every month. Be sure to visit and see what other bloggers have shared.


  1. Late perhaps but absolutely lovely! I think you need to spend more time in your garden every spring, Kathy. I've taken note of that Fuchsia - my record with them in this garden isn't great but I haven't stopped trying.

    1. That Fuchsia seems pretty heat tolerant-it gets full sun til about 1 or 2 and does ok with it even in summer.

  2. Wonderful blooms.loved those sparkling clematis.Happy blooms day.

    1. Happy bloom day ! I'll have to share more of my Clematis soon-they are looking nice right now.

  3. It's odd, after the first two images I can see your words but no photos. I'm so glad you're getting garden time in. It just might save us...

    1. almost the same here. I can see a couple more after the first two but the rest are circles with a rectangle in the middle. kind of disturbing .

  4. Missing photos on my blog as well. Must be blogger, not you. One of the google's server farms go down?

    Well the first two photos are gorgeous, hopefully the rest will show up again eventually.

    Happy you can work from home.

  5. Okay, checked the google blogger support pages, "they are aware of the issue and working on a fix"

  6. Still, most of your photos don't show up, unfortunately. But, I got to see your Clems, which are wonderful! Arabella is such a great one! I have it growing up through a variegated red twig dogwood, and it just does its thing and never complains.


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