Late Show Gardens

This inauguaral event seemed like a magnet for the Northern California gardening cognoscenti ; conversations overheard included snippets of garden writer conversations, chat of Garden Rant, Saxon Holt with his own table and the food was better than that of the the SF show. (Not a stretch). It would be neccesary to attend most of the lectures to keep one occupied all day, and I opted out- the venue for lectures was substantially smaller than it needed to be. Further, the vendors were all quality-nothing schlocky to be found, however many of them were given booths that only one or two people could access at a time.This gardener would have absolutely bought plants had the logistics been better. The display gardens were wonderful, edgy, hip and thought provoking..they were in fact living art ,not really gardens at all.

Great hopes for the potential of this show in the future, particularly if the speaker line up and the plant vendors there are any indication of credibility .


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