The line of demarcation is blurry here in zone 9 and fickle too, receding and advancing along with  radical temperature fluctuations; frosty rooftops give way to a cold beer at noon in the warm sun on a patio  that is still unobstructed by the leafy canopy of the nearby trees. 30 at 5AM , 70 at noon.

 This Clematis armadii is my personal signpost..when the buds plump up and begin to peek out my garden has turned a corner- it's waking up. We still are likely to have cold and wet days ahead. There will be setbacks-standing water, snails, weeds and frostburn -but stuff is growing. It's spring-ish.


  1. Oh, I like the texture in this picture! Great image!

  2. I'll take Spring-ish and my husband will take a cold beer at noon-ish...

  3. This clematis always looked chlorotic for me. Can't wait to see more photos of yours. I'm watching my potted tulips for springish signs. Buds are up! Need many more pots next year...


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