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In a Vase on Monday -Umbellifers

I thought it might be fun to limit the flower choices to the umbells this week. I wish I had a nice spot outside to do these arrangements , but instead I make a big mess on my diminutive kitchen counter . At least it's close to the coffee.

 I like my result, but I can tell you that the Pulmonaria leaves lasted about an hour before they started to wilt.

  I used Achellia 'Moonshine' , Trachelium 'Hamer Panodora' (not open all the way so I am interested to see if it develops in the vase) Orlaya, Cenolophium denudatum and Angelica strica purpurea.

 The vase is Rumrill.

 Be sure to stop by Rambling in the Garden to find links for more floral offerings !

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