Friday, May 15, 2015

Bloomday May 2015

 I rushed out to snap  a few Bloomday photos before the promised rainstorm arrived..urgency was not needed as the storm veered away from my neighborhood and not a drop of water was seen in my carefully staged but primitive rain collection system. I had in fact drivin down the valley earlier with my windshield wipers on only to see the pavement get drier as I closed in on home. Couldn't those clouds have moved about 10 miles south before heading east to the Sierra Foothills ???

It seems everything is in bloom this month,  and here are just a few offerings for our monthly virtual floralscape , hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens..

Clematis Rooguchi is a Bloomday regular .

And this is C. Juuli , I wish had had done better at capturing her charming pinwheel petals.

The worlds cutest grass, Briza media.

My newest grass, Calamagrostis 'Avalanche' sports a reverse variegation pattern from it's brother 'Overdam'.

Back in my garden after a few years absence, Nicotiana langsdorfii. .

 Nigella is everywhere-significant thinning was needed.

I'm glad to see the flowers forming on this Anigozanthes; it was snatched from the brink of death and coddled in a large container filled with a favorite soil of the folks who grow the cash crop up north.

Early blooms for a favorite Salvia ..'Wendys Wish' . Wendy wintered over this year , so I can enjoy her longer.

This is pushing it , but I love my Sanguisorbas and this 'Chocolate Tips' is just starting to open it's first flowers.

Another kinda-sorta bloomer--Graptosedum 'Bronze'.

I have Achellias flowering all over the place, here this long lost ID creamy number is hanging out with Symphaticum 'Axminster Gold' whose little blue bell flowers can barely be seen. This plant is not grown for it's flowers ...who can ignore those fabulous big gaudy leaves ?

Happy Bloomday everyone !

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Spring Morning Visit to Annies

 Armed with a list and a budget , I made my first 2015 visit to Annies Annuals . In the last several days I have been able to move from the digging stuff up phase to the actual plant installation phase of the various renovations I have happening here. I have orders pending with  Digging Dog and Joy Creek , both of which I expect to see by the end of the month.

I lingered in the parking area to admire the Paulownia tomentosa in glorious bloom and the perimeter plantings..

Ooo la la , check out the Cussonia 

 Annies is vast , and the sales area has expanded  further in the last couple of years , as has the staffing . I was asked multiple times if I needed help-as a professional at Annies shopper , I didn't in fact need help , but I can imagine how overwhelming this nursery could be to a casual gardener or a first time visitor.

 The display gardens were all spring-y and rosey...

The Flower Floozie is in rare form this year...complete with fairy wings

Surveying her domain..

 Shucks, I was pretty fond of this particular Agave vilmoriniana.

The cow has her very own windmill this season.

Poppies !

 I only came home with 8 plants , a pretty conservative haul for me. Theres always next time !

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Bloomday 2015

 The roses all say 'look at me' this month, but there are so many others to see-a mild winter has meant early flowers for many that are in most years still recovering from what passes for winter here.

Buff Beauty got to stay during my great rose purge of 2013-2014. The inventory of 70ish has been pared down to 35. 

  Giant wingspan on this noid Clem.

 This color is legit..the tag long gone . I acquired this when the late great Chalk Hill closed up shop.

 Lavender and Euphorbia 'White Swan'

Jean Giono

The fabulous Madame Isaac Pereire

All the Gasterias are blooming ! Awkward for photos though ...

Pelargonium 'Splendide' ..I've murdered 2 of these, but I swear I will prevail this time.

Margaritas anyone ?

Ptilotus 'Joey' a good Aussie plant for a container in drought times.

Ramona..this was my first Clematis and she lives on after 20+ years. 

Gruss an Auchen with Golden Celebration.

My 4th year I think with Salvia 'Wendys Wish' and the first time it overwintered for me.  I am rewarded with both early blooms and no need to buy a new one.

Lobelia laxiflora is another early bloomer.

Happy Bloomday to all  ,and remember to visit Carol at May Dreams for more blooms on the planet ...

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Garden Show , Please Fix your Flat Tire.

 I've had a few days to ruminate over my visit to the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show last Saturday. There is no way to flip the ratio of pro to con. Sadly, the cons win. Last year I posted of my hopefulness in the direction the show was taking , and the spiffy redesign of the website in conjunction with the speaker line-up for 2015  pointed the way to good things.
 On the positive side, the seminars were first rate. I attended three: Dan Hinkley, Rebecca Sweet and Billy Goodnick; I have heard both Dan and Rebecca speak before and had high expectations (which were met ) and how could a guy with a Crimes Against Horticulture Facebook page be bad ? These three talks were the highlight of my day , and without them I probably could have done the show in about 3 hours. Rebecca was informative, accessible and charming (and for those of you aware of her current health issues, she looked great-what a class act that lady is) but she and Dan both had show management perpetrated technical problems which I will discuss shortly. Billy Goodnick was humorous , with a really unique presentation concerning  garden design. I've redesigned my garden umpteen times over the years and have always felt somewhat competent but the system Mr Goodnick laid out was intuitive and logical, and I will use his process when I do my shrub border next year.   Dan Hinkley  --what can I say ? He never disappoints. He's the Steven Sondheim of west coast horticulture.
   Though the website pronounced 'Its All About the Plants' the plant market has in fact continued to shrink since the good-old-days at the Cow Palace. I can name about a dozen plant vendors who no longer attend , and there are probably others that I don't recall. This year the building that houses the plant marketplace had a few empty spots , disguised with garden benches and potted plants , and a disturbing roster of county fair type vendors --bamboo pillows, hand lotion, vegetable juicers, dipping oil, popcorn etc. I can see this crapola at the hokey home show we have in Napa .

  Fake grass sellers--4 of them that I counted..

 I'm at a loss to understand why both Hinkley and Rebecca Sweet (and more of the presenters as well) were forced to display slides on screens  in fully lit venues , which washed out the color of all images shown, forcing both of them to  make frequent apologies for the poor quality of the display. This is pure ineptitude on the part of the show planners in my opinion .C'mon, this is Dan Hinkley-we should be able to see his damn slides.  Billy Goodnick was on the only stage that provided a dark movie theater type space, though his stage set  also featured a too low positioned screen which placed an elegantly coiffed head from the row in front of me in the dead center of his photos.

 How about the display gardens ?  They were ok. Still glad to see that the trend away from vast swathes of English Primrose and Azaleas surrounding a dramatic outdoor kitchen continues , and that the plant palette for the most part is climate appropriate. I noticed that this year all Bromiliads had vanished both from the display gardens and the plant vendors . There were no chickens.

My photos of the garden are uniformly bad. Here are a couple that are kind of in focus..

Got kind of a Bayou vibe from this one....

 And the Saturday afternoon crowd ? Not encouraging. Lots of floor space= less and smaller gardens.

 I did get a kick out of some of the bizzare flower arragements - there is a tradition of over the top here , and it was continued this year . Check out the moldy orange in the bottom 3rd of the vase.

 I really can't come up with an appropriate comment on this one.

  An interesting note, neither Sunset Magazine nor the Pacific Horticulture Society had a presence at the show . The Garden Conservancy did not have a booth. The speakers were sponsored by a start-up web based garden class site.
   I'll go back next year , with lowered expectations. Maybe I'll take better photos too...