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Bloomday Caboose-April 2020

I must say I have never spent so much time in my garden in spring as I have this year. I am one of the lucky ones who can work from home. I have a salary and a job. My workstation is set up on my dining room table with windows to the garden on two sides. I go to work in my gardening clothes and I pull weeds and deadhead on my lunch hour.No one can see my dirty fingernails. I see everything that happens in my garden every day and sometimes every hour-spring is like that.  No spring road trip this year, no garden touring, no nursery crawls-thus the mail order has been robust. In fact a nursery crawl will be my 1st post-quarantine activity.

 It was windy when I took my photos so I couldn't use all of them. So much is in bloom. And we got some rain this month-enough that I only have to water containers and the newly planted.

 Clematis Arabella  -a first-rate non-twiner that blooms all summer.

 This is no ID -One of two I purchased when the legendary Chalk Hill closed. The blooms on …