Sunday, January 26, 2014

Moving Lady Emma

 I've done a fair amount of 'rose editing' in 2013 . I embarked upon this particular journey a couple of years ago when it became clear to me that  my garden was not going to get any bigger, and 60+ roses were using up valuable real estate. Many of the roses that have since been sent to the compost facility were either in decline, duplicates or under performers. I had gone from buying one or two roses a year , to buying none; there was simply no place to put them. As of today I have slimmed down my assortment to around 35, a couple of which have questionable status going forward. One of my keepers is the David Austin rose , Lady Emma Hamilton. I bought her the first year she was introduced to US commerce, and she has proved to be a prolific bloomer, very disease resistant (no sprays are used in my garden ) and has a nice shrub-like appearance never displaying the awkwardness that some of the modern roses are prone to.
 I admit that I have tendency to plant things too close together, even though I completely understand thier eventual size. Such is my need to squeeze in just one more plant.Zonal denial is one thing, acreage denial is another.

 Here is Lady Emma as she bravely awaits the shovel.

The digging begins..

 The new spot awaits..

 Here she is, safely installed. Maybe she'll make it and maybe she won't.

And here is a nice empty space , ready for  planting.

Lady Emma Hamilton is the orange number on the left. My  fruitless search for an in-garden shot renewed my resolve to dig into the photo files and fix the file folder organization and  keywording. I'll do that on rainy weekend..if we ever have one.