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It's Spring so Lets Go to Annies !

Most years I take my spring road trip in April and my first Annies run happens in March. It kind of amuses me to see how my routine was disrupted just because I took the road trip in March. My Annies list was getting long and my garden had an abundance of empty spots-not a bad thing when you have a plant-shop habit. Today I packed up the camera and the plant list and headed south for my first Annies outing of 2018. It was way too sunny for photos but I took them anyway.

 It was a flowery day - the Digitalis was  in great form. I love Foxgloves and grew them for years until I had to make some space choices that bumped them off the team. There are so many interesting hybrids now -including the Digiplexis cultivars that created such a buzz when they were first introduced, that I have started to gradually bring them back into the fold.

 Lady Hillingdon , the tea rose that is among the small covey of roses that I would consider adding to my garden was in full peak bloom. I love the elega…

Lotusland Roundup

I've posted previously about my March visit to Lotusland  which focused on the Bromiliad gardens and the Dunlap Cactus Collection. Today I'll share an overview of some of the other features of the garden. I come home from these  trips happy about the plethora of images I was able to take  only to be overwhelmed when  trying to sort through them and weed out the duds and the duplicates. I actually enjoy the process of sorting and editing photos, but sometimes it's hard to be objective . In fact I will suggest that objectivity is a dying art. I will do my part to keep the flame.
 Today I tried to select some decent photos that represented the areas I didn't cover in my previous posts. I took many many photos, both good and bad.Because I am a member I don't have to endure the restriction of a guided tour. The tour is ok for your 1st visit but after that  strolling around Lotusland as a member is worth the price. I would never have it any other way.
 The residence is …

April Bloomday

I managed to get some photos this morning before rain returned-I'm not  complaining , though I have to say I was on a roll in the planting-weed pulling-mulching department. At least now it is still light for a couple hours after I get home from the office so I can get some things accomplished mid-week.

   The spring bulb-y action is pretty much a done deal here, and the late spring plants are just coming into bloom. Cistus 'Mickie' however is in full boom, with it's bright white flowers , sunnyside up above the bright variegated foliage.

 Only one flower kinda-sorta open on the Phlomis.

 Sideritas cypria  is in a new location this year -dry  and  relentlessly sunny. The plant looks absolutely perfect right now and I will be curious to see if it exhibits the behavior of it's previous site. I'm hoping not-it was that lambs-ear-ish crappy beige foliage at the base.

 I've had this iris for many years-It's a dwarf so it's out of bloom presence is a bit…