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A Look Back at the John Kuzma Garden

I could probably post every day for a month or two and never run out of garden tour photos. Visits to private and public gardens are lined up on the horizon, with my 1st Garden Conservancy Open Day on the agenda for this Saturday, and Garden Bloggers Fling only a couple of weeks away.  I feel like I need to share a couple more of my 2018 visits before I head off to 2019 for good.

 I first visited John Kuzmas garden when it was a stop on Garden Bloggers Fling Portland in 2014. Horticultural riches are plentiful in Portland but I was especially taken with this garden. Sean Hogan , the iconic PNW plantsman and the proprietor of  Cistus Nursery, was the designer. As I left, I knew that I would need/want to return again; it was one of those gardens that we experience which stay with us. In September 2018  my opportunity to revisit this garden arrived at last. A business trip to Portland coincided with the Oregon Hardy Plant Society Fall Plant Fest, and I had about 24 hours before I had to…

Another Episode from the Taft Garden

My first post written about my April visit to the Taft Garden focused primarily on the Aloes which were abundant and happily for me, blooming . But Aloes , though they felt to me like the signature plant of that garden, were certainly not all there was to see. There was plenty of breadth to the plant inventory.

   There  was no shortage of Agaves

 Rock walls and the natural arrangement of rocks themselves within the loosely defined planted areas, along with the bright green of our winter grasses looked very fine with the backdrop of the surrounding landscape.It was as though the plants just belonged there.

 This has to be  the largest planting of Xanthorrhoea I've ever encountered in one garden -it was essentially a grove.

 A Grevillea I presume , but my research failed to confirm it's specific ID. I'm going with G. 'Frosty Pink' as my best guess.

  There were Acacias , all beyond my Acacia naming skills.

 An imposing clutch of Cussonias.

 A particularly beauti…

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 2019

The possibility of rain is on the agenda  in the next few days , so it was good to get some photos of the roses while they still look good. I welcome the rain  even if it turns some roses into  blobs. Hopefully it's enough precip to allow  me to skip watering chores on the upcoming weekend, and the forecast is promising in that regard. Whatever the rainfall numbers this could easily be the end of it until fall. Of course it means more weeds-always a trade-off.

 Bloomday is hosted by Carol over yonder at May Dreams Gardens ; be sure to visit to seek out more floral action .

 Passiflora 'Blue Horizon' has exceeded expectations after failing to die back over winter. It's moving steadily into this NOID bush Fuchsia (that also stayed green all winter) and might be headed for the Birch adjacent to my front porch. Diligent observation and and possible intervention is called for. 

 This has been the very best year ever for Madame Isaac Peiere , a bourbon rose from 1881. The…