Friday, July 23, 2010

The New Kids

 The freshman class of 2010 has been installed long enough for it's mid-term evaluation-still to come are the fall interest trials, and the winter hazard testing. ---and I know there will be some late enrollments as well,  courtesy of (but not limited to) a September Open House at Digging Dog and the annual fall sale at Cottage Gardens .
The Sedum tapestry for which hopes were high  was not a complete failure, but has performed poorly enough to require a revision. Some were killed with kindness, some were crushed by the incessant rolling action of the Remarkably Lazy Cats(telltale fur was found on the remains)  some were smothered with over zealous mulching in their immediate area, and another is soldiering on despite it's almost total encapsulation by Geranium sanguinium.  In fact the design of the entire bed is a daily subject of second thoughts.

  The honor students of 2010 :

 The fabulous Arabella .

Caryopteris 'Summer Sorbet' is owned by many of my gardening friends , but eluded me till this spring --yet to bloom , but the foliage has stayed absolutely pristine all summer.

 My interest in single-flowered Dahlias comtinues to grow, and this is another in the excellent Mystic series , Mystic Dreamer. As with the others I have added  here, the tag showed a flower with pastel tones but in reality the flowers are rich , deep hues .

 The Dahlia seen here is another bronze foliage model, 'Fascination' purchased from the  iconic Swan Island . A visit there if you are in Northern Oregon in August is an over the top Dahlia experience.

An impulse purchase. , Santolina virens 'Lemon Fizz' has been very pleasing indeed, thank god I bought 3 . Underbuying is a failing of mine, though you'd never know it.

Teucrium 'Purple Tails, quite likely the valedictorian this year.

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  1. I enjoed your writing, sense of humor and pictures. the third picture from the bottom is very, very pretty.

  2. Love the freshman class, so full of promise. All but Arabella and the caryopteris have wandered my campus too. Purple Tails was wonderful a whole summer but didn't come back in spring. Look at you with dahlias AND sweet peas in the same photo! I bought 3 of that santolina -- one persists. I"m thinking a container for it if I find it again. Stunning garden, Kathy.