Sunday, September 10, 2017

Late Summer at The Ruth Bancroft Garden

  This weekend was the big fall plant sale at The Ruth Bancroft Garden-an event that has typically occurred in October. However this year the nursery sales area must be moved out of harms way as the long-awaited new visitors center is beginning construction at last, and the fewer plants that had to be schlepped across garden to the temporary nursery the better. I decided at the last minute to go on Saturday, which was the 35% off day , and was not surprised to find Gerhard there just ahead of me. He has already posted about the sale and as usual has provided much more detail , including an inventory of his purchases-be sure to check it out ! After I finished shopping I wandered off into the garden to take a few photos . It was a yukky hazy summer day, and not ideal photography conditions at all, in fact downright crappy. I took far fewer photos than I usually do but I felt ok with how some of them came out all things considered.

 It was best to stick to areas with bit of dappled shade. This is one of my favorite pathways through the garden.

 Thanks to Alison over at Bonney Lassie, I now have my very own pair of Yucca 'Bright Star' , though they are still in their recovery holding area. I think I take a photo of this plant every time I visit the Ruth Bancroft Garden.

 When the light is bad sometimes a close up is helpful.

There was a little bit of back-lighting to be had still.

 This Agave is in it's end times, but is certainly going gracefully.

I made several loops through the garden, watching the changing light and shade patterns. This is really one of my favorite gardens to photograph, and even when we enter the worst part of summer there is always something that merits a photo. I did enjoy the challenge of trying to work around the conditions. Since garden tours usually take place in summer, and usually take place after 10am , it's useful to practice making images in similar circumstances.

 The Ruth Bancroft Garden is in Walnut Creek California and was the first preservation project of the Garden Conservancy.


  1. You have a great eye, Kathy, and your photos are always wonderful!

  2. Closeups are the saving grace when the surroundings look like crap, as in my garden right now. The lighting conditions might have been a challenge, but your photos are wonderful!

  3. The nurseries here have been flooded with 'Bright Star' at last, and I grabbed one. Now life is complete! I wonder if that's Kemble's own 'Hellskloof's Bell's' aloe in the photo with the yellow bulbinella? I should get mine in the ground. Thanks so much for taking us along on this visit -- now heading to Gerhard's report!

  4. Any photos of the RBG are great photos, yours are wonderful of course!

  5. You got some great close-ups. I always tend to take wider shots.

    The sale was great. Best prices ever!