Friday, July 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers BloomDay July 2016

 Seems like everything is blooming in July , so I picked just a few to share. I appreciate the fortitude of our hostess Carol of May Dreams Gardens who continues to give us a platform to share the beauty of flowers.

 The Lilies have given me much pleasure this year and my list of new additions for 2017 continues to expand. This is 'Black Beauty' with the darker 'Aprilla' in the background-they have developed a symbiotic leaning relationship this summer.

  Yes, yes Lobelia tupa !


 I am feeling rather triumphant that Hydrangea 'Pee Gee' is not flopping this year, though it has more to do with a tree death in a neighbors yard than it does with my gardening skill.

  Eryngium 'Jos Eijking', just starting to blue up.

 Salvia 'Wendys Wish ', always reliable. Some years she winters over and some years not.

The outstanding Clematis 'Arabella', blooms all summer.

 Unnamed Eucomis. Who needs a name ?

  I thought this white Lantana was done for after last winter, but I left the skeleton intact and in May I saw signs of growth. It's still small but at least I can develop a better protection plan for next winter, and perhaps the plant will have gained stamina.

 Bouteloua gracillis 'Blonde Ambition' .

'Blonde Ambitions' next door neighbor Agastache 'Purple Haze'. Both hellstrip residents.

More hellstrip action, Salvia 'East Freisland' with a culinary Oregano.

 My faux meadow where many plants bloom cheek by jowl, including Gomphrena 'Fireworks', Echinacea 'Ferris Wheel' more A. 'Purple Haze' , Anigozanthos and  Eryngium .

 Happy Bloom Day to all, and may we someday live in a world where everyone is a gardener.


  1. Nice to see all those fab blooms in your garden Kathy!

  2. I love Bouteloua gracillis 'Blonde Ambition'. I wish someone would introduce it over here.

  3. Clematis are always a winner with me. So nice to have your own meadow, very creative. Had a nice visit...thanks.

  4. So many lovely flowers! You are justifiably proud of that Lobelia tupa! I might look for that pretty yellow Echinacea. I have no luck with anything other than the straight species here, but that's a pretty color.

  5. Wonderful July garden, Kathy. I've decided Lobelia tupa was not mean to be. The early heat wave wiped out a fairly robust plant with bloom buds. Which got me to thinking, before rushing out find another to trial, what would I do if it did survive to its mature size, with multiple bloom spikes for the best show -- I don't have that kind of room. A sobering moment. Possibly maturity creeping in...

  6. I love that Hydrangea/Fuchsia combination, Kathy. Neither plant is possible to grow in my garden right now but they're both lovely. I just added 5 'Blonde Ambition' to my own garden and have my fingers crossed it does well - you don't see it much here (I got my plants by mail order) but it's growing well at Tongva Park in Santa Monica so I figured it's worth a try.

    I appreciate your closing wish - if everyone had a small plot to tend, I believe it would be a better, more peaceable world.

  7. Lobelia tupa...looks good on you!