The Chefs Gardens

  Food---cooking it, eating it, and pairing it with wine consumes a lot of band width here  in the Napa Valley.  In the last several years the trend toward fresh and local food has led to a wellspring of gardens that are located near or on the property of some of our best dining establishments-including the venerable French Laundry.

  The French Laundry Culinary Garden is directly across the road from the restaurant -3 acres laid out grid style , it is a no nonsense working organic farm pristeenly maintained.

 Nice digs for the egg factory..

a peek inside the greenhouse ..

 I was surprised to see so much lawn--and very green at that. This photo was taken in August when most residential lawns were at their water-deprived worst.

 A mile or two north is the garden of Mustards Grill , a garden with a much more informal feel .

Flowers for the tables and a seasonal farmstand

 In the city of Napa, the gardens a the former Copia Center for Food Wine and The Arts have been rescued by a group of local chefs .

 The buildings and garden of Copia have been recently purchased by the Culinary Institue of America. The CIA has a campus just north of St Helena in the old Christian Brothers Greystone Monastery, and the Copia facility should be an ideal fit .

 The destiny of the Napa Chefs Garden is an unknown- the gardens they tend though part of the Copia property are divided from the facility and the main garden site by first Street and were not included in the sale to the CIA.


  1. The gardens are beautiful! I hope CIA does right by them!

  2. You live in a heck of a nice place, lady.

  3. I'll bet it's easy to eat local in Napa. What beautiful farms!

  4. What a sight for winter weary eyes! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous part of the planet!


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