Friday, May 15, 2015

Bloomday May 2015

 I rushed out to snap  a few Bloomday photos before the promised rainstorm arrived..urgency was not needed as the storm veered away from my neighborhood and not a drop of water was seen in my carefully staged but primitive rain collection system. I had in fact drivin down the valley earlier with my windshield wipers on only to see the pavement get drier as I closed in on home. Couldn't those clouds have moved about 10 miles south before heading east to the Sierra Foothills ???

It seems everything is in bloom this month,  and here are just a few offerings for our monthly virtual floralscape , hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens..

Clematis Rooguchi is a Bloomday regular .

And this is C. Juuli , I wish had had done better at capturing her charming pinwheel petals.

The worlds cutest grass, Briza media.

My newest grass, Calamagrostis 'Avalanche' sports a reverse variegation pattern from it's brother 'Overdam'.

Back in my garden after a few years absence, Nicotiana langsdorfii. .

 Nigella is everywhere-significant thinning was needed.

I'm glad to see the flowers forming on this Anigozanthes; it was snatched from the brink of death and coddled in a large container filled with a favorite soil of the folks who grow the cash crop up north.

Early blooms for a favorite Salvia ..'Wendys Wish' . Wendy wintered over this year , so I can enjoy her longer.

This is pushing it , but I love my Sanguisorbas and this 'Chocolate Tips' is just starting to open it's first flowers.

Another kinda-sorta bloomer--Graptosedum 'Bronze'.

I have Achellias flowering all over the place, here this long lost ID creamy number is hanging out with Symphaticum 'Axminster Gold' whose little blue bell flowers can barely be seen. This plant is not grown for it's flowers ...who can ignore those fabulous big gaudy leaves ?

Happy Bloomday everyone !


  1. How disappointing that you missed the rain! That happened to me a few times this past rainy season - Mother Nature really should be more accommodating. I love the Clematis and the yarrow-Symphaticum mix. Seeing your Briza makes me miss it in my own garden. Happy GBBD Kathy!

  2. Hopefully you'll your chance of rain soon :) nice bloom pics!

  3. The weather guy I listen to mentioned that there was going to be a "big soaking" earlier in the week, problem was he couldn't predict exactly where in the metro area it would hit. Sadly it missed my garden. Love your blooms, especially the Anigozanthos. Which reminds me I haven't managed to find my annual orange Anigozanthos to add to the garden...