Bloomday Goose Egg

 Even the Alyssum are fried. Not a single bloom in my garden this month..the Camellias closed up shop, the Lavenders that were blooming away  merrily in November are waving the white flag. Several nights in a row of consistent temperatures in the low twenties have laid my garden low. To many of my friends east of the Rockies, my twenties are mundane and maybe even warm-ish .I was significantly under-prepared ;plants that I routinely leave out for the winter appear quite dead. On the plus side, the weighty decision of whether to cut back now or wait til spring has been taken off my hands-might just as well cut !

Thanks Carol , for the opportunity to see what blooms in gardens around the globe. Except for mine.


  1. Yes, you might as well cut if it all died back. Thanks for sharing for bloom day.

  2. We just do the best we can when winter weather hits.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. This year's cold is certainly vicious to leave you without anything in bloom! Although the local valleys here have had some freezing temps, my area's been spared so far. We've had some daytime temps in the 60s with nighttime temps in the 40s but the forecasters are predicting a high of 80F tomorrow - I think our plants are very confused.

  4. Sorry you got hit by the freeze! Here's to warmer days and more plant shopping!

  5. Ahh never mind. Spring will be here soon wherein there will be loads of blooms :)

  6. Well my garden was covered with six or so inches of snow so no Bloom Day here either. Something tells me we are looking at a challenging winter ahead.

  7. I know how you feel. My garden is pretty fried too, after our recent deep freeze.

  8. Bummer! Spring can't come soon enough can it? Maybe you'll need to come up this way for a pre-fling shopping trip? (budget be damned)


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