Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Defeated by the Monarda

 This is , I believe, my 3rd try with Monarda  , and it does not look promising. What can the matter be ? I plant it, I give it 2 or three years, and it never ever blooms. Never ever. This was not a mail order selection from afar, but purchased at a local garden center, every one of which carries Monarda, locally grown in Northern California.

 This plant was installed in 2011. It has spread a bit, and has been modestly popular with the snails-thus a few chew holes here and there. I see no sign whatsoever that it will produce flowers. This has been my experience with all I have tried-all planted in different spots, all languish, all are eventually shovel pruned. And I can say with conviction, I have never seen it growing anywhere in my town. Is this a red flag ? Apparently. I give up. Monarda, you win.




  1. IMO, youe aren't missing that much. Hummingbirds love it which is a positive. Most of the varieties seem to get horrible mildew. The best seems to be Jacob Cline. I grew it for a while but over the years it disappeared. Probably because it wasn't getting enough sun.

  2. The story of my gardening life. No luck with Monarda, which I find very strange since Horsemint (Monarda punctata) is a Texas native and grows as a volunteer, probably planted by birds, in the wildflower meadow. I have been told that 'Peter's Purple' is no-fail and blooms its head off. I may give it a try.