Repeat After Me

 Garden Design 101. Was there ever a seminar, book, lecture or magazine article by garden designer that did not emphasize the importance of repeated elements ? A challenge for the plant collector--one of everything plunges you into design hell. Does the budget allow for 3, 5 or even better  a drift of every plant we need-see-want ? Not to mention the ever present issue of space. There is simply not enough space. If I had an acre, I'd want two . Realistically however, I am a lone-ranger gardener with a 50 hour a week job. My  garden is probably just the right size for me no matter how much I whine about lack of real estate. When I embraced repetition, I improved my garden. Alot.

Achellia 'Moonshine' has stepped up to the plate . It has cool silver foliage, yellow flowers (love yellow flowers)  attracts beneficials and has a really long bloom season. I've put them all over the place.

 Salvia 'May Night''s only fault is the place of honor on the snail menu.

Some repeated elements are accidental...has anyone ever actually had to buy Borage ?

I was warned about Stipa, but I find it really easy to pluck out the unwanted seedlings, and leave a few in strategic locations. 

On the other hand, there are times I wish I had never planted this robust Geranium sanguineum. I've gone from modest pulling-up , to hoiking big shovel-fulls into the yard waste. But I must admit, the plentiful magenta blooms are welcome in the spring garden.


  1. Such a difficult lesson to absorb, isn't it? I'm still interested more in growing new plants than a well-designed garden, with minor emphasis on compromising for a bit of each. Not a satisfactory approach, I agree! I like your new resolve.

    1. ..on the other hand ,a Gardener and Her Resolve Are Soon Parted.

  2. I too have the PBG (Personal Botanical Garden) approach, and am trying to change. It's difficult!


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