Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Succulent Clean-up

 Soggy March is gone, frost is laying low and it was time to spend a weekend shaking out the cobwebs of winter. The pop-up greenhouse was emptied, plants were installed, weeds were pulled and Dahlia tubers were planted . Busy !

These are part of the take from the SF Garden Show last weekend. Admirable restraint was shown. I am particulary taken with Senecio crassissimus 'Lavender Steps'  on the right of this group.

Security was breached in the greenhouse. Though the frost protection was admirable, it appears I provided winter browseing fodder  for the snails . This was a full-up pot of Kalanchoe in October. Vengance will be mine.

Apparently they prefer only certain Echeverias.

 Only a few bites out of the Aeoniums. Perhaps they were just an appetizer prior to the Kalanchoe-ian main course.


  1. I think it's time for me to clean up the succulent collection too.

    How do you take care of the leggy echeveria? My inclination is to lop it off and stick it back in the soil, hoping that it will take root.

  2. Snails don't pass up aeoniums here. Or the soft-leaved agaves either. Even my Blue Glow agave has a perfect nickel-sized hole in it now, a little window for the six-legged set.

  3. snails have decimated my largest epiphyllum, so i think i have to trash it. : ( the tragic thing is, even in its chewed up state, it will still manage to send out the most breath-taking flowers!