This Time I Really Mean It...

..I'm not buying anymore plants.Well, except for the sale at the Ruth Bancroft next weekend. Bulbs don't count-it's fall, you need bulbs , right ?

 These 2 were 30% off today at Cottage Gardens in Petaluma. No contest for which one gets the cool pot purchased in August --got to be the Agave. Pigskin gloves are at the ready for the operation.


  1. OK. I'm giving odds of 20 to 1. No new plants on your blog. I can see that yacht in my minds eye.

  2. That is a magnificent medio-picta and a stunning, thick-walled pot. Does the pot have a maker's mark? At RB next weekend I'm giving you a blank check to buy for me exclusive RB-only agaves, and I'll pay for shipping here. Now see what you've started?

  3. I don't know if I am more jealous about the amazing agave and pot combo or the idea that you will be attending a sale at the Ruth Bancroft. Lucky you!

  4. Gorgeous plant shouldn't stop shopping since you're obviously so good at it :)

  5. Denise, this is just the rub of the mill Vietnamese number but very robust-I will keep my eyes open at RB in your behalf.

    Paul, I never bet on baseball or my plant resolutions that usually fail..looks like your stuck with the rowboat.

    I'll have pics for you Loree, at least you can visit virtually.Though if you start driving Thursday ......

    Saucy I can't hold a candle to Deanne, L&M or Sue when it comes to plant shopping !

    Is that you gb ?


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