Was it the late 80's when it became acceptable for men to wear pink ? Pink shirts, pink ties, maybe even pink pants if the guy was  a golfer. I have both invited  and banished it in the garden over the years - at the moment it's tucked in everywhere- the only thing that seems to clash with pink is the wrong pink. I prefer clear baby pink, silvery pink, hot pink - but no coral-ish tones please ; I can't count the roses that have gotten eviction notices for being too warm, too salmon. Thought I admire these tones in OPG's , I rarely tolerate them in mine.


  1. You and our acronyms! "OPG" gave me a slight pause. Lovely photos. Is it me or is the last pink on the left suspiciously warm in color? It must drive a day lily and rose enthusiast batty keeping these colors straight. But then it'd hardly be exciting, would it?


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