Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bloomday March 2017

  Though not the only blooms here I managed to patch together a post for Bloomday after toiling at the office -so intent was I on getting rid of the remaining weeds (after spending most of a 4 day weekend on the effort) I pulled for nearly and hour on the hellstrip before I even realized it was Bloomday. Looming rain events next week have created a sense of urgency to at least get the worst of the weed invaders dispatched before the soil is yet again too waterlogged for efficient removal. Have I already complained that this is the worst spring weed episode I have experienced since moving to Norcal in 1986 ?

 The bright spot has been the Tulips, which have thrived this year and given me enjoyment for several weeks. I think I finally nailed a succession that extends the season beyond a two week period. I'm already making plans for next year. Tulips are quite borderline here and you just don't know what you are going to get or for how long.

 The first to bloom this year was T. sylvestris which is a smaller more delicate flower (2 per bulb) which I planted with 'Green Star' .

This is the green tulip 'Virichic' which I will definitely order again next year but will group with Green Star and sylvestris. Quantities will be doubled up.


 My favorite this year is 'Kings Orange' a Triumph tulip . I don't like the combination with Virichic, they just look awkward together to me so I'm pondering a new companion for 2018.

  Close up 'Kings Orange' .

 This is 'Rosalie'. I planted her alone but next year I think I will order a white that blooms at the same time (hopefully). Still to come is the Darwin tulip 'Big Smile' which is a yellow that has naturalized in my garden and has bloomed reliably for over ten years.

Not all is Tulips...

 Eccremocarpus 'Tresco Gold'. This is my second go round with this and I have found that the color is variable.It will be replaced this spring at some point.

Fuchsias blooming in March is not usual here, but 'Hawkshead' must be close enough to the house to enjoy a warmer micro-climate. It never died back this winter even when we dipped into the 20's.

 Euphorbia myrsintes with Geranium 'Bill Wallis'. Bill is being severely edited this spring . He is way too happy.

This Erygium isn't blue yet, but I decided it counts !

 Be sure to check out the global blooming treats at May Dreams Gardens where Carol continues to be our gracious hostess on the 15th of every month.